Automation and Control

We have available ex stock approximately 40 000 items new and redundant low voltage switchgear, components and electrical spares. Circuit breakers (up to 2 000A), Contactors, Earth leak relays, Overload relays, Timers, Relays etc.


We have available ex stock approximately 40 000 items new and redundant low voltage switchgear, components and electrical spares.

Cutting and Engineering Tools

We stock a vast range of reputable cutting tools which can be summarized as follows: Straight shank drills, Morse taper shank drills (up to 90mm), Sockets and sleeves, Reamers, Counter sinks, Counter bores, Bore cutters, Shank cutters, Threading tools (up to 150mm), Tool bits (inserts), Chassis punches, Core drills

Hand Tools

We pride ourselves of having the largest hand tool display in South Africa and stock top USA, EU and Japanese brands. Combination spanners (up to 80mm) Flogging spanners (up to 215mm), Sockets (up to 180mm), Pipe wrenches (up to 1 500mm), Clamps, Pliers, Gribs, Greaseguns, Riveting tools, Screw drivers, Pipe tools Vices, Toolboxes and much more.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Tools

We offer a top range of quality high force tools. Hydraulic tools include: Lifting jacks, Hand pumps, Hydraulic presses, Bearing pullers, Torque multipliers and punches, Nut splitters. Pneumatic tools include: Nut runners, Screwdriver impact wrenches, Grinders and angle grinders, Staplers, Sanders, Chisel scalers and Weld flux chippers.

Lifting Equipment

We supply the following products representing world class manufacturers: Chain and lever blocks, Electric chain hoists (up to 10 ton), Slings and chains and Shackles and rigging accessories

Measurement and Test Equipment

We have been supplying quality measuring equipment from top world class manufacturers, for the past 18 years. In addition we also sell a large range of electrical test- and measurement equipment.

PLCs, HMI and Data Acquisition

PLCs, Human-Machine Interfaces and Logic Modules. Featuring expert brands like Schneider Electric, Telemecanique, Carlo Gavazzi

Power Tools

A power tool is a tool that is actuated by a power source other than the solely manual labour used with hand tools. We stock top USA, EU and Japanese brands. Large stock available for: Drilling machines, Grinders and angle grinders, Impact wrenches, Saws, Screw drivers, Demolition hammers and much more.

Special Tools

We stock a wide variety of exceptional ranges of tools for example: Micrometers from 20mm – 2m, Verniers from 150mm – 2m, Chain tong spanners from 500mm – 2.2m, Spanners from 3.5mm – 215mm, Impact sockets from 6mm – 180mm Rose cutters from 80mm – 350mm, Threading taps from 1mm – 150mm, Die nuts from 1mm – 120mm

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