ombination spanners (up to 80mm) Flogging spanners (up to 215mm), Sockets (up to 180mm), Pipe wrenches (up to 1 500mm), Clamps, Pliers, Gribs, Greaseguns, Riveting tools, Screw drivers, Pipe tools Vices, Toolboxes

Large Tools

We stock a wide variety of exceptional ranges of tools for example:

Micrometers from 20mm – 2m
Verniers from 150mm – 2m
Chain tong spanners from 500mm – 2.2m
Spanners from 3.5mm – 215mm
Impact sockets from 6mm – 180mm
Rose cutters from 80mm – 350mm
Threading taps from 1mm – 150mm
Die nuts from 1mm – 120mm

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